Gear List

some of the gear

The gear is wired and ready to rock.

workflow between tracking/editing/mixing

Great workflow for Producers and Engineers.


API 2488 24-channel recording console – split console with 24 channels and 20 ch. monitor section which can added into mix bus

Toft ATB 32-channel mixing console-console allows for real time mixing while tracking your project.



4- vintage 560B graphics

2- 560B graphics

2- 550B Parametric

2- 553 – 3 Band fixed

2 JDK 4 Band Parametric



Mac G5 8-core with 8gb RAM

Pro Tools HD2 w/UAD solo card

32 in /16 out at patchbay  –with 16 additional outputs hardwired to Aviom headphone system

Digidesign 192 I/O  16 in / 8 out

Digidesign 192 I/O  8 in / 16 out (8 of the outputs are wired directly to Avioms).

Digidesign 96 I/O 8 in / 8 out (the 8 outputs are wired directly to Avioms).


2 Vintech X-73i

2 Vintech 473  -4 channels each

2 Avalon U-5

Little Labs PCP Distro

Little Labs IBP


Elux 251

Neumann U-87

2-Coles 4038

Neumann KM-184

Peluso 2247

4-Sennheiser 421

4-Shure KSM-32

4-Audio Technica ATM-250

Audio Technica D-6

2-Avantone CV-12

Shure SM-7

6-Shure SM-57

4-Shure SM-58

2-Shure Beta 58

2-Shure Beta 57


2-Distressors w/ Brit Mod

Purple Audio MC-77

2-Chandler Germanium Compressors

2-DBX 160 VU

2-API 525

2-Levelor Compressor/Limiters  –500 series

Urei LA-2A

SPL Transient Designer 4


8 Aviom personal mixers

Headphones are Sennheiser



NS-10’s w/Crown DC-300 and Polk Audio subwoofer

Frazier Audio CAT-69 w/ Crown K2 and Hafler Subwoofer



Hammond C-3 organ with 122 Leslie

Fender Rhodes

Fender CP-70

Guitar and Bass  –inventory changes frequently and is available upon request

Instrument Amplifiers

Marshall Silver Jubilee 25/50 and 4×12 cabinet

Marshall Silver Jubilee 100 and 4×12 cabinet

Vox AC-30

Ampeg SVT with 8×10 cabinet

Fender Bassman 100w head

Ampeg B-15 Flip-Top

Ampeg B-18 Flip Top

Silvertone 1472

Silvertone 1483

Silvertone 1484

Ampeg Reverbrocket


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